Sue and I stayed the weekend with Chris and Alan spent in Abersoch in their caravans. We had a couple of times before each swing. That femjoy was two years ago, but after a couple of weekends to fuck each other it was a bit emotionally intense. Chris mate Alan had become jealous of how well he and Sue approached. Therefore, had stopped socializing with them for a while. Last year we had become friends again, but not replaced. We were in the bar was the point all night and femjoy had all drunk and returned at the end of the caravan. Chris and Alan went to the bedroom and went to sleep in the main area in the bed, which can be done in the seats. Chris wished good night, how he went from bed to Alan and soon followed. We undressed, turned off the lights and crawled under the blanket. Ten minutes later, Alan is coordinated with the kitchen light, opened the fridge and poured himself a drink. He apologized and said he could not sleep and needed a femjoy couple more drinks. nd thats trick. There was too much and just grunted and tried to sleep. was half asleep and could hear Sue and was talking with him, but not listening. I think I've heard that Alan, who was hot and then asked Sue definitely with him in bed with us. My ears pricked up. I asked if he was joking and told him to tell them and see if he was joking or not. I felt a little upset that there would be some tricks with Sue and I had no one to play with. I am a bit selfish, Sun Chris had made it clear that they no longer wanted us to play with others, so I could not go in it. I have nothing against men with Sue, while I have a couple of my pussy. Almost Sue asked me what the hell was playing, but I was tired and angry and could not be a great ass. when Alan was climbing on the side of femjoy Sue I thought I had done, would be a different sexual experience, I could check and say " been there, done that " they are. as cuckold, what it is. Some guys seem to like it. Sue has mmmmm sound engineer, if they stand by his side when he was rejected by his side. Alan was a burly type weapons I imagine Sue fanned back and shoulders. She always told me he felt for the big muscle men take it as safe and secure. I was just a very average looking. Not much muscle. We were both naked, and I could feel Alan arm brush against my back, holding tightly Sue. I could hear her kissing and feeling, feel each other everywhere. Alan called and asked if I was OK with the situation. I grunted a reply and fell asleep more than he was. I was now getting on, and the things I wanted to always see the point. I can increase my own emotion deeper than your sex life. They were taken from a lot now. femjoy My penis was hard and I slowly turned around and pushed me against Sue. Knowing he was between the two gave me a thrill. I could feel hasmove nds pussy and she lifted her leg a little, then I knew that Alan was trying to get his cock inside her. Then he was pulling hard to shake the bed. This was too much for me. Although he had been with them before oscillation, Sue had never seen Shagged Me. Chris and I had always gone another bedroom. Now she really liked what happened. spat in my hand and rubbed his cock with moisture and put it between her large buttocks. We are not usual in the ass, has Sue does not like. We had only once, but I did not anymore. However, as you did for me, my cock between her fat ass cheeks rub in order. Now my cock was sliding around between all of their meat, which screwed. When Sue gets screwed juice flowed from her, and together with our sweat, was lower very slippery. I wondered if I should try to stick his cock in her ass. I'm in for a penny a pound. I applied and gently applied pressure, Sue grunted, II was not sure whether in pleasure or pain. I pushed a little more and is due and growled even more. That was close, but I worked it gently forward, femjoy piece by piece. I thought about it, crossed by two. He made more noise now, some of the joy of other complaints. I think Alan felt at this time what he was doing and began kissing Sue strength to moisten. I femjoy slowly wormed her. I expected, not the climax Alan, before they had up my hands. When he finally was ready to go inside I could, still soaked and felt his movements against me and tried femjoy to calculate the depth it was her, and thought also to Alan in it. I felt blows on it, and leave the command line. It was too much for me and I shot my load deep inside. Shortly after Alan discharge in her pussy. I was sober, while I was focused on entering, now the noise again. I turned around and passed out. Do not knOh, how long Alan remained in our bed. Knowing Sue, she does not let go until they cum. We woke in the morning with a bad hangover. The quilt was a disaster. Chris did not know what he had done all that while she was in bed. Sue gave me a hard time last week for all the shit in the ass. She told me I would never even try that again. She said it hurt too much, femjoy and wanted the old continent. She is right.
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